Your website is the digital face of your business, and if you haven't updated it recently, it may not be making the best possible first impression. From refreshing the overall look of your brand to improving the user experience, there are many benefits that can come from a website upgrade. Here's a look at some of the best ways to improve your business website's aesthetics and function in 2023.

1. Chat Boxes & AI
Artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way in recent years, and you can expect it to play a huge role in just about everything going forward. You can take advantage of this trend now by adding an AI-powered chat box to your website.

While chat boxes certainly aren't anything new, the latest versions have an automated presence behind them, allowing them to effectively handle many customer service issues, answer questions, and assist with product returns. The machine learning algorithms have made these chats more efficient, reducing the amount of human intervention needed and helping customers avoid phone calls and long hold times.

It's easy to include a smart AI chat box during a website rebuild or simply add one to your existing site, so be sure to talk to your web developer about the best way to implement this exciting upgrade.

2. Minimalist Styling
Minimalist website design has become even more popular in 2023, and it's a trend that we believe is here to stay. Your website should be welcoming while also avoiding creating a feeling of overwhelm. When redesigning your website, choose a simple color palette and be sure to include plenty of white space between images and chunks of text as well as between words and sentences.

Remember that many users are accessing sites from mobile devices. As you discuss upgrades, make sure your website designer has a plan to keep your site lightweight and minimize wait times.

3. Micro-Animations
Adding excessive animations to your website can slow down your load times, frustrating users and negatively impacting your SEO. However, micro-animations can create an impressive effect without increasing your bounce rates.

Micro-animations provide slight, short movements, such as showing a product from several different angles when a user hovers over it. This simple website update provides additional information, enhances the overall user experience, and creates a fun interaction that is sure to make a lasting impression.

4. Voice Search Optimization
Voice search is becoming extremely popular among mobile device users. In fact, according to Google, 27% of the global online population is already using voice search on their mobile devices. By optimizing your website and navigation for voice search, you'll make sure you're positioned to take advantage of this trend.

Some strategies you may want to implement include updating your content to include conversational keywords, building out FAQ sections, and using schema markup and structured formatting. If you're not sure what these things mean, don't worry. An experienced website development expert can walk you through all the necessary steps or complete them for you.

5. Smart Content Loading
Keeping up with your website maintenance can improve your load times, but sometimes that's not enough. If you have a resource-heavy website with many third-party integrations and graphic elements, lazy loading can significantly increase your site's download times. It works by ensuring web browsers only load the content that can actually be seen on the screen, decreasing the time users have to wait.

While this technology is not new, if you haven't updated your site in several years, it may not be equipped with it yet. This small change can have a major impact on your bottom line by decreasing site abandonment and increasing conversions.

Take Your Website to a Whole New Level in 2023
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