The following terms of use apply to all services offered by the Internet service Adlesa , Auerswald Marketing S.L, Ctra. del Cap de la Nau Pla, 126-1-18, 03730 Xàbia, Spain – hereinafter referred to as “Adlesa”) on the website and its subpages. The use of the services implies acceptance of these terms of use. You have the option of either advertising your website (advertising partner / sponsor – hereinafter referred to as “advertising partner” or “partner”) or earning money on your own website by marketing free advertising space (hereinafter referred to as “user”).

– In order to use Adlesa as a User or Partner, you must have full legal capacity.

– As a user of an Adlesa service, you are obliged to provide only valid data. Your data will only be used for our own purposes and will not be passed on to third parties.

– Participation in Adlesa is absolutely free for every user.

– Each user advertises on his website for the offer of the advertising partner, which he can select independently. The user is also free to choose the desired advertising method, which may differ in terms of payment from the advertising partner (to the user). The advertising partner pays a certain fixed amount to the user for each lead/sale made. It is possible to advertise for different advertising partners using different advertising methods.

– It is expressly forbidden for webmasters or friends and acquaintances of the user to click on their own offers or to encourage visitors or acquaintances to do so in any way, and thus to manipulate the number of clicks and the commission for all Adlesa partner programs.

– Adlesa participants will receive an e-mail no more than once a day, which they are obliged to read and follow any instructions given.

– For the general operation of the partner program, users must be able to insert an HTML code into the page. We answer technical questions about the compatibility of your site or online stores daily by e-mail (business[@]

– All affiliates (users) who have reached a credit balance of at least 25.00 euros at the end of the month will be automatically billed by Adlesa and paid out the following month. The credit balance is automatically transferred to the German bank account specified there (free of charge).

– A credit balance of less than 25.00 euros is retained and will always be continued. Credit balances on user accounts and advertising partner credit balances do not earn interest.

– Any attempt to manipulate Adlesa in any way will be punished with immediate blocking. The blocked partner does not have to be informed of the blocking by Adlesa. The entire credit balance for the current month will be refunded to the advertising partner concerned. The blocked partner loses all entitlement to payment and credit. In the event of attempted manipulation, Adlesa expressly reserves the right to take legal action due to attempted fraud. In addition, the complete data of the blocked partner will be passed on for the purpose of more effective control (e.g. to other operators of partner programs outside Adlesa) – blocked partners lose the right to data protection and anonymity in any way due to their behavior. In the event of blocking, re-registration or reactivation is no longer possible for the person concerned and relatives in the same household.

– Advertising partner programs for websites and partner sites with prohibited content (e.g. illegal sites, pirated copies, child pornography, right-wing and left-wing extremist sites, etc.) or other content that is inappropriate in our opinion (sufficiently protected erotic sites in accordance with are permitted) cannot be operated via Adlesa. In principle, all program operators and program participants are responsible for their own content, Adlesa has no influence on this.

– If there is insufficient credit available at the time of the monthly sponsor billing, the sponsor will receive an invoice, which must be paid on time according to the details on the invoice. If payment is not made on time, all partners will be informed and the partner program will be discontinued/stopped if it has not already been stopped/cancelled. If payment has not been received 30 days after invoicing, legal dunning proceedings will be initiated automatically and all costs and interest will be borne by the sponsor. All sponsors reserve the right to change the amount they wish to pay their partners at any time and for any reason. This information is available to program participants online at Adlesa at any time. The minimum payment is 0.01 Euro for pay-per-click/lead or 1.00 % of the order value for pay-per-sale.

– All users reserve the right to remove an advertising partner link from their website at any time and for any reason. A payout upon termination will only be made for a confirmed amount of over 25.00 euros with the following billing (billing on the last day of the month if it is a working day, otherwise on the first working day of the new month. Payment will be made on the 20th of the following month) – if the amount is less, the credit will be forfeited in favor of Adlesa.

– Each user is responsible for the taxation of the remuneration received by Adlesa.

– Both users and advertising partners from abroad are obliged to bear all additional costs incurred (e.g. for bank transfers).

– As an advertising partner, you can also have your account balance paid out again, and if no campaign has yet been started, you will receive the full gross amount back as a cancellation, and if campaigns have already been booked, you will only receive this amount back as a net credit as it appears in your account.Unless you are entitled to deduct VAT.Then a payment as gross credit is also possible! The prerequisite for this is a valid VAT identification number.

– As an advertising partner, you can also have your remaining “Current advertising budget” paid out. This payout is only possible if your advertising campaigns are not successful within 6 months.This means that there has been no reduction within this period. This amount can only be paid out as a net credit as it appears in the account. Unless you are entitled to deduct VAT. Then payment as a gross credit is also possible!The prerequisite for this is a valid VAT identification number.

– As an advertising partner, you have the option of starting leads and sales campaigns.The processing of the generated leads/sales (confirm | discard) must take place within 3 months. If this does not happen, we will assume that the lead/sale was successful and we will confirm it.

– Adlesa reserves the right to make changes or additions to these terms and conditions at any time. The currently valid terms and conditions page is freely accessible at any time at the following URL: